Sunday, April 26, 2009

Reminder to bring your syf fiesta ticket money by TMR. 

Pass the money to: 

Lower sec : Jia Min 3C
Upper sec : Esther 4H 

Kranji Choir
4:59:00 PMY

Friday, April 24, 2009

hey dears...
some photos u ppl took last wk are with me..
here they are...
lots of love,
cheryl :]

Kranji Choir
3:29:00 PMY

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This is the call for interested sec3 and 2 choir members, including sec 4s(current) and graduated(but i doubt they don't have)seniors. Okay,if you're interested in having the access to post in choir blog, please tell me or email me at However, due to the *ahem* busy schedule i have, i'll be able to add you guys on sun/sat. (evil grins)

Alright, anyway, i was feeling weird when i discover something wrong. Whatever happened to the usual bombardment of pictures in this choir blog?! Haha, Interested parties again, please post up or if not, i strongly encourage/recommend you guys to send to CARINA EEKIE NAT . MUHAHAAHHAAH. I WANT TO SEE THE PICTURES!

Lastly, sec fours who do not wish to perform for SYF fiesta, please tell me before next monday, 26/4 cause i'm sending the list to Miss Ho.


loads of love,


good luck for mid-year esp all sec fours! ;D we can do it~!

Kranji Choir
5:04:00 PMY

Sunday, April 19, 2009

basses.....u are still the best man!!u are the most pro basses and the most wackiest and the most GL bass i ever seen.wooo!!i believe my future bass will be like us the seniors up the good work man!cause we are the Gold with Honours bass.Jing Feng Shao Jun,jia hui,marx and syukri......u all must continue the reign of kranji godly gold with honours bass...2 years later..i wanna see u all hugging the lady that announce,"kranji secondary,gold with honours".tau pok her also can la lol!!
TO those still crying,
c'mon we are already a low gold choir.i think we kena scam only(others also think we were cheated).....don cry le...somemore ppl outside are praising us too!my dear juniors,i think u all will sure get at least a gold...

Kranji Choir
7:59:00 PMY

Saturday, April 18, 2009

heys =]

haha I don't know how many sops actually read my blog so i'm posting here as well haha. 


I'm sorry. For all the wrongs I've done and for when I didn't lead you well. I'm sorry for all the times I put you guys down and made you guys resent me.

I'm thankful. For all you guys have given me. 

Many things may come and go, but our memories will stay with us. 

No matter what anyone says, I'm proud of all of you and all that we have achieved together. 

I hope we'll all continue singing and show the whole world that we love singing. 

 I love you guys. =] 

Altos, I didn't forget you guys kay ==' 


Lol. Even though I'm no longer your SL and didn't get to lead you guys to SYF, I just want to say that I still love you guys yeah? =] All the times we had together can't be forgotten. (concert 08!!! :D) =] haha.. yeah, I said it before but I'll say it again. I'm sorry for all the times I scolded you guys and made you guys feel bad. And for all the times I made you guys want to hate me/ hate me. But I'm glad you guys have come so far. =] I'm proud of you guys too kay! I hope all of you continue singing =] and continue to di-siao Whai Ee xD 

Kranji Choir<3 

More than Gold. 

Cat :]

Kranji Choir
7:43:00 PMY


hehe. k i dun have a blog currently. lol. so i shall say it here. lol.
well done everybody. =]
haha. so proud of all of you.

to all the altos: XD
hope u guys evjoyed the stage and hope that all of you will continue to work hard in your singing. sorry for all that crap that i have been giving to you guys, during sectionals or wat not. and sorry for like nvr lead u guys properly ( if i rlly din lead u guys properly .. lol. )
and thanks for all that you have given me.
continue to love singing and love choir . and love me .. lol. XDXD .. jkjk

aiya.. i shant talk anymore le. u guys know what imean .lol. and sry for those alto who will b receiving their cards late.. sry.. i will give it it u like.. someday.?? but i wrote them just that i din have the chance to give it to all of you . sorry.

love ya=]
altorocks.whaieerocks. lol...
but choir still rocks the most XD

Kranji Choir
5:05:00 PMY


just want to say, that i'm extremely veryveryveryvery proud of Kranji choir, and i've really enjoyed myself on stage...



Kranji Choir
4:21:00 PMY

Friday, April 17, 2009

K-Singers! :D

The seniors are extremely proud of all of you today.
No matter what the others say, you guys are the brightest star today! :D

It's really heartening to see Kranji Choir growing as one big family, and to me, that's what matters the most.
The hardwork and effort put in together, alongside with the beautiful friendships made whilst preparing for SYF, are what you should take away with you when you leave Kranji Choir.

So stand tall and take pride in your achievement!
Bring your voice (there's only one voice, remember?) to greater heights at the SYF Fiesta!
I will be there to support you! :D

Here's a quote to cheer you on in your pursuit of choral excellence!

"I love to hear a choir. I love the humanity to see the faces of real people devoting themselves to a piece of music. I like the teamwork. It makes me feel optimistic about the human race when I see them cooperating like that." - Paul McCartney, famous English musician and poet.


Yee Gin (:

Kranji Choir
12:28:00 AMY

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This is the video from Pasir ris crest choir to us, really sweet isn't it? :D Should we record one for them too? Hehs (:

Downloaded and reuploaded by ME ME ME hor! ;)

Let's do it together man, and experience that golden moment up there for the very last time.


demure lady signing off.

Kranji Choir
9:10:00 PMY

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


tomorrow is our last practice for SYF this year. Make sure you treasure tomorrow. Begin it right, end it well. Let's do our best, and enjoy the last practice the sec4s have with you. (;

Also, please remember to bring your shoes(heels for girls, black shoes for guys, grey shoes for AH KUAS ;D) and scores! Remember to read it tonight and everyday!

One more day to SYF.

to add on, few things to take note...

1. Do not touch your face/sides while performing. No sneezing, coughing allowed, and just relax!

2. No milky drinks on the day itself, esp after warming up. (includes milo etc.)

3.Bring your costume, properly ironed and your shoes. Girls, pin up all your hair. I don't want to see any curtains infront thankyou. Guys, i've no idea what you want to do with your hair, but try not to wax/gel/whatever till you look like an alien.

4.There are people who will definitely laugh at our songdage or whatever, it's okay, and if they're laughing/talking it's better! That means that we caught their attention and they're actually enjoy it. (high self-esteem- adam khoo)

5. If you fell down, just pick yourself and act as if nothing happen, and if you feel sick/wanna faint just walk slowly out of the stage.

6.Do not tell other's how you're feeling throughout the whole day, no one wants to know about you. SHOO! ;D if i hear anything about "oh i so ********* or oh i so HAPPY whatsoever", prepare for my golden box across the white/black texture of your face. teehee. (;


With that, thankyou and JIAYOU!!!!!!!!


Kranji Choir
10:39:00 PMY

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Please please PLEASE take care of yourself! We've got funny people falling sick all over the place >_> 

more WATER
more SLEEP
more REST!

& less homework

Can't afford to fall sick now!! 

Kranji Choir
8:49:00 PMY


go for it! Jiayou!!! ;D

Kranji Choir
4:25:00 PMY



Whai ee's not the only one going crazy. xD I am too. So, this is a reminder to please put your midi files on repeat repeat repeat!! 

Below is an email Ms Ong sent, so you guys better read it. xD 

Dear leaders,

Pls take note of following and let ur singers know

- SUPPORT, ESP. those with big voices like jiaying, Kheng Hian.

- Keep voice bright n forward for all 3 songs, don't be afraid that 
your voices will 'stick out' esp. Tenors & altos!
U shld 'stick out' so can blend with the rest!

If u listening to the recording, sometimes T&A are not there and that 
results in sops to go out of tune!

Hahaha... Luckiy we find out now, so altos esp. Sing very very bright 

- for SDG give extra interesting story by relating to our homeground ;)
how 暧昧 are they and how they behave

- phrasing of songs for crown of roses
and white horses,
remember the 起伏 and climax of both songs.

Last round guys, let's make the best of it!


Rmb to sleep more and sleep early kay? 

Jia you jia you jia you!!! We can do this! =]

5 more days 

Kranji Choir
3:39:00 PMY


for altos.
this is the newest version of crown of roses for you guys to brain wash yourself in. coz there is still some funny people who are not ver sure of the parts. go listen to it and think of what have you been singing all this while. isit correct?? ... -.-

download this ... ( click me, i am the new midi file )

few more days to go..


whai ee

Kranji Choir
1:58:00 PMY

Saturday, April 11, 2009


i am going crazy for some reasons..

ALTOS .. please blast the midi files in your ears until you are deaf .. lol ..
i mean go listen to it la.. lol.. and if possible go get the recordings from someone who has it.. lol .. coz i have this bad feeling that we have not been singing the song correctly .. so go revise it ..

less than one week more to go . do what you can do to improve your singing and get what we deserve .

whai ee

Kranji Choir
10:17:00 PMY


Choir, if you want the recording for today's session at PJC, get them from your SL. We're not allowed to post it up. (Some ruling for SYF). 

Remember to sleep and rest well. =] 

Sops, my email is 


P.S. Sops, read the post below. 

Kranji Choir
5:05:00 PMY

Friday, April 10, 2009

Att: Sops


Sorry its so late. 

Sop Choir Notes! (part II)

Crown of Roses: 

before start: 
-pitch! got to take care of every single note
-BRIGHT and FORWARD sound! 
-always watch Ms Ong's conducting
-pp = whisper

Verse one: 
*No 'mood' 
*Intro to a story. Don't give it away so fast! 
-When Had
-Lean towards 'Jesus Christ' 
Emphasise on: 'Gar(den)', 'Cher-ished', 'Gar(lands)' 

Verse two: 
*weary (evil is coming)
-breathe quick and deep
-don't push the high notes
-no breathing for '..time drew nigh there..'
-'RO'-zes (roll your tongue!)
Emphasis on: 'RO-zes', 'PLUCK-ed' 

Verse three:
*are you willing to carry this burden and take all man's sins onto yourself?
*you are NOT the melody! = low volume
*float the sound for high notes!
-no breathing before 'Jesus' 
*precious moments boy (xD) 
-pray prae
-away a-wae

Verse four:
-Emphasis on the 1st word of the bar 
-Grow slowly then EXPLODE!
-KR-own (ff)
-'Blood', hit and draw back. 

Song Da Ge: 

whole song:
-Cina voice
-(Nasal) Bright voice
-all the soNG ge ge, huaNG yang duo,AI YO wo de da ge and all the necessary emphasise

verse 1:
-girl is shy & gentle
-having doubts
-testing the water

bar 1: wo SONG wo de DA ge
bar 2: HUANG cao po
bar 3: HUANG cao PO qian
bar 4: HUANG yang duo hua ya duo
bar 18-25: both guy & girl's heart beating at the same time
bar 20: AI YO wo de DA ge....
bar 21:  soNG ge ge (unison with altos)

verse 2:
-guy walk in front, girl walks behind
-guy know the girl walking behind him but doesn't do anything yet

bar 26: wo SONG wo de DA ge (this keeps repeating)
bar 29-31: showing affection
bar 32: ke ke ta ge ge da
bar 33:  ai YO wo de DA ge (repeated again)
bar 34: HOU mian de mu er

chorus (verse 3):
-strong & firm, intense
-guy stop & turn back
-both started walking together

bar 37: wo SONG wo de DA ge (again, so you had better remember by now ==')
bar 38: HUANG cao po
bar 39: HUANG cao PO qian
bar 40: HUANG yang duo
bar 42: slight cresendo 
bar 43: touch hand moment
bar 44: jiao (be gentle)-moment for the guy & girl!
bar 46: bass starts with 1st advance
bar 47: tenor & sop sing the " yi dui huang yang.... " - the 2nd advance
bar 50: tenor singing " yi dui huang yang.... " - 3rd advance
bar 55: finally holding hands

verse 4:
-sections overlapping each other
-guy and girl finally openly show they like each other
bar 59: at the high G - gentle & light, small cresendo
bar 59-60: no breathing

-narrator here
-girl says bye
-the sun rises
-the guy will come back

so now go update your scores [: 

thanks to Eli and Carina who helped with the CoR and SDG notes respectively! =] 

6 more days!


Kranji Choir
10:48:00 PMY


Sorry for the late notice but Sop 2 sectional tmr @ 8:15am outside art room. Got to fix our opening for song da ge. 

Pass the msg! & Sleep early tonight. 


P.S. please bring your costume tmr for checking! 

Kranji Choir
7:00:00 PMY

Thursday, April 09, 2009

kay.. i noe my post is a bit wat ... coz cheryl and chee how are blogging to motivate the choir.

but i am not going to motivate you guys.. but just to tell you guys somethings .lol

to all altos ( syf / non syf )

alto notes ( hard copy meaning notes that are printed out already ) for the three songs that we are going to sing for our syf. anyone wants it tag or get it from me personally. coz i have extra and some syf ppl have not get it yet coz they werent here on wed. so its first come first serve.. i have 9 copies left. i will not photocopy again unless ther is an overwhelming response kay.. so you want it then tell me ..


Kranji Choir
9:46:00 PMY

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

WOW!!! IF cheryl wrote on blog, HOW CAN I NOT WRITE, correct?
i will try my best to write a very inspirational paragraph that will,i am certain,be able to touch the hearts of many.
A self introduction to all the new juniors... I am Chan CheeHow from the 2007 batch.Alumni- Hi!!! welcome to kranji choir, a choir that can change life.(sounds like a typical opening statement of a motivational talk)
The day has come, and i am very very excited for all of you. I would like to express my gratitude to all present seniors who worked so hard to fulfil our dream.OUR dream.
I will be there to listen to all of you, and embrace the moment when SOUNDS OF JOY(JC 2009 SYF piece title)erupt the entire VCH.I hope the results will be an opening ceremony that states-"you-can-start-screaming-your-lungs-out" which is currently illegal under KRANJI CHOIR RESOLUTION 254 Article(7).
No individual is allowed to generate noise pollution,above 35dB, 1 month before competition.

I am presently a choir member in JC and have a piece of advice to all of you.

Sing,not for yourself,not for choir,not for teachers,not for school, not for us, but for the integrity of the music.We do not aim for a gold or a gold with honours. We aim for full marks-and thats, the integrity of the music.
We will sing full marks for our performance.Whatever results that come after that,it doesnt matter.
Stand proudly(not arrogantly) on stage.And just perform your best!!!

With love,
hugs,(kisses from cheryl only)

p.s just remembered-form of publicity, anglo-chinese junior college choir is holding its annual concert at the espalnade on 1st June2009. All are welcome, no discrimination against sex,race or religion.Please approach sec 4s. Some of them have my number.

p.s Take care!

Kranji Choir
10:53:00 PMY

To the all the juniors in Kranji Choir:

Hey peeps,
your day to shine is coming soon!
so a few words for all of you!
the SYF is not about clinching a Gold or wat.
but about the process where ALL the singers bond together
to produce beautiful quality sound.
It is also about:
-the happy times u haf aft practices,
-the effort u ppl put in during sectionals,
-the stressful times the entire choir went through together as one
yet u noe u all know that you are not alone in the battle.
tts wat counts.
the process n not the outcome.
so juz do ur best in the SYF,
regardless of the results,
as long as u noe u ppl haf learnt sth out of it,
u have done ur best,
den we seniors will be super proud of u already!
so jiayoz! :]
and yes.
do take care of ur health,
dont fall sick at this time :]

lots of love,
hugs and kisses,
(your senior from the 2007 batch!)

Kranji Choir
10:16:00 AMY

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hello. Okay, i sincerely hoped that everyone would get what i was trying to say on monday's practice. With only 9 more days to go.

We have.

5 more hours with Miss ong,

2 more official practice with her.

192 more hours before SYF day.

It's just 9 more days ! Let's press on, and work extremely hard and slog our butts off people! No more huge handy pankies here and there, AND WE CAN DO IT!

Ahem. According to Adam Khoo,
Whatever you believe, whatever you think, & what you say, is what you get. (obviously you will need 200% of hardwork as well..)

So press on people! Kranji choir definitely can do it !!!


P/S: take care of yourself, don't fall sick ah, (esp the few kukus who are falling sick in sops!)


Kranji Choir
5:44:00 PMY

Monday, April 06, 2009

this post is a bit random . but i just want to tell all of you something that i learnt from my friend.

" music: it's not how you play with your fingers.It's how you play with your heart. "

so sing a song as if you are telling a story.. from your heart.
YOU ARE A HUMAN!! YOU HAVE FEELINGS!!! so sing the the syf pieces with feelings. do not just sing it the way miss ong asked you to, you are not a computer, not a robot. so feel the song, and sing out from your heart.

thanks for reading this post. if you find that it does not make sense never mind.

WE CAN DO IT !! 9 days to syf.. !!

Kranji Choir
10:38:00 PMY

Sunday, April 05, 2009

hello. happy reading the following my dear altos.

cedits to : jayne , jing han , jia yu , maria and myself( coz i compiled it and add things to it myself XD )

this is the ALTO NOTES ! lol. go get your scores and write them down k =] i will get for you the hard copy if possible.

for all the songs :
no shouting!
sing only 80% or less of your maximum volume.
for altos. not you are 18 strong. same as the sops i tink. should be. around there. SO!! no need to sing very loud. you will be heard no matter wat.. there are 18 of you YOU NOE?!!
no dead fish face.
think of the meaning of the song when singing it. you are a human. sing with feelings. you are not some computer that do not have any feelings.
support for all the songs ( durh)
do not be lazy. must be active when you are singing.

alto notes. ( click to download it. )

there are more details actually and they should be seen in the hard copy if i can get them printed out for all of you.
if you read whatever that is on top and you have more things to add on or anything wrong that i have put above feel free to tell me and i will change it. you can tag or tell me personally. MUST TELL K!! coz its for the altos'good = choir good . K?

k drink lots of water and dont fall sick =]

10 days to SYF!!we can do it !!


Kranji Choir
5:57:00 PMY

Friday, April 03, 2009

Att: Sops


Sectionals tmr @ 8:15. Please eat breakfast before coming. Take some time tonight/tmr before prac to read through your scores and revise! 

Btw, it's half u with choir tee. =] 

Don't be late and rest well!! =] 


posted on behalf of Whai Ee:

Att: Altos


Sectionals tmr @ 7:45. Place is the space at level one classroom block with wooden tables and chairs. You're allowed to bring your breakfast along but NO fried food. So you can just da bao your breakfast to sectionals. =]

Whai Ee

Kranji Choir
8:53:00 PMY

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Posted on behalf of JiaYing(: 


there will be NO sectionals tmr. please revise your songs and no chilli or fried food if you're losing your voice. drink loads of water! if you don't have your voice on Sat, you will not be singing. 

Revise your songs and know them well! 


Kranji Choir
10:14:00 PMY

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Att: Sops


For those who attended prac today, I believe you had an.. enjoyable? time during sectionals. Yes? (you guys are seriously... >_> I am such a good target to be made fun of? >_>)

''Choir Notes'' were given out today. Er. Some of the notes.. especially those written with Graphs.. Yes they are correct, but, if you do not understand them, please ask. ._.' Don't do blindly. ASK! CLARIFY! 

& so, like promised, here are the 'Choir Notes' for our songs. 
(Due to time constrait, I'll post this up bit by bit. I'm Sorry!! >_<)

White Horses: 

Before starting:

pg 1: 
-Breathe one bar before starting. { If you cannot trust anything on stage, you have to trust your breathing! 
-It's a pp starting. Soft, but with INTENSITY
-Stressing on : HOR, O, SOUND
-No breathing from page 1 to 2

pg 2: 
Picture/Tone: GENTLE! beauty of the horses manes
-Decresendo for sound. (bar 12)
-Support but do not push high notes
-'and' is unison with the Altos. control this note and 'bound' 
-be careful @ bound. don't go sharp cut off quickly
Stressing on: MANES, GAL, BOUND, BLue

pg 2-3: 
Same tune as Tenors @:
'Across the blue pastures of wild summer sea'
'Dip as they'
'Playfully' (SATB)

pg 3:
-Wild, Waves 
-No breathing before 'Wild' 
-Don't 'rest' after 'sea' @ section D
-'toss playfully' sing softly & in unison (decrescendoing!) 

Section E:
-'a-bout' jump it up! launch! ACTIVE SINGING!
-'t' from 'about' on the rest but do not 'rest'
-'they ride' JUMP OVER IT!

pg 4:
-'well' & 'swell', circle circle dynamics. like waves
-'sway' MUST be in tune. - the chord MUST be right here. 
-no breathing after 'ropes' 
Stressing on: They, SWAY, and SWING

pg 5:
Pic: waves cannot be controlled! 
-its and mf
-'strain', kick your support!
-'caught' watch Ms Ong for the cut-off

Section I:
*anger *intense
pic: silence before the storm

pg 6:
-'LA(leh)-cy WH-ite KR-est'
-don't shout!!!

Section J:
pic: youthful & with pride
-link 'lows' & 'roll' together

Section K:
pic/tone: DANCING! HAPPY!
-KicK (tiny crescendo here)
-their THERE

pg 7:
-'in', don't drop placement. is the same note as the Altos. 

pg 8:
pic: singing, enjoying moment of dancing with the sea
-Duet btwn Sops and Altos
-Tiny crescendo bar 70
-No breathing after bar 70, else we'll be late

pg 9:
Section N:
pic: very dark, intense!, evil. Wind kills horses (master limiting you)
-pp. softest part of the somg. same volume, or even softer than the beginning
-NO breathing after 'master' 
-'drives', pitch properly. 
-dynamics: watch Ms Ong!!! 

pg 10:
Section O:
Sop 1: 
-FLOAT! Lightly! don't don't don't push
Sop 2:
-don't have to be so loud
-Take away one note to breathe
-dies, dice
-remember NOT to jump immediately back up to the Sop line. 
'cease to exist. -pause- brave horses..' 
-softer at 'exist' 
-becareful with the note for 'exist'
-when returning to the Sop line, smooth transition okay? it's mp there.

Section P:
-DON'T slow down!

pg 11:
Ending of story? No! It's a new beginning! 
Imaginations will triumph over limitations!
Although life sets limitations on us, like the wind, they will die down (are not permanent) & we will be free some day. 
-its a p, watch the volume. 
-careful with the rit..

Section Q:
pic/idea: MAGICAL. 
So long your imaginations stay alive, there will always be white horses in us. 
This set of white horses may die now (this time), but they are bound to come out again & when they do, they will be braver and stronger (prettier). 
- fp
-'st' softer. keep it to yourself
-piano will cut before choir cuts.

...finally finished. The above took over an hour to write. -__-'

Sorry for any spelling or grammer mistake. ==' 
If I made any mistake please tell me so that I can correct it ASAP. 


As of today the following phrases are banned:
1. I want to go home
2. I want to sleep
3. I'm very tired
4. I'm bored. 

Variations are inclusive. 
Forefit.. will be demonstrated next sectionals. 

Lastly for everyone,

Ms Ong gave us two links to read up on:

15 more days! 


Kranji Choir
9:30:00 PMY


An Online Replica Of Kranji Choir's Notice Board; if not better.


-Practices will be on every monday and friday
-Time may vary depending on conductor
-You will be notifed for any changes
-So please look out for anouncements either on the notice board or the blog


Speech Day-2005
Chinese new year performnce-2006
SYF opening-2006
Bilingual competition-2006
Colours of Asia-2006
Speech day-2006
Performance @ sentosa-2006
National day in school-2006
Prize-giving Day-2007
SYF showcase-2007
Prize-giving day-2008
Chinese new year performance-2009
Choral exchange(Mr Mark meet the maestro workshop)
Singapore Youth Festival 2009 - SILVER


Ad Dominum cum tribularer
Adoramus te
All creatures now
Be prepared(LK)
Can you feel the love tonight(LK)
Chow Down(LK)
Circle of life(LK)
Crown of roses
Dare to dream
Dashing away with the smoothing iron
Doctor Eisenbart
Don't let it pass you by
Down by the river side
Endless Night
Everyone sang
Exsultate justi
Find your rainbow
Hakuna Matata(LK)
Happy days
I just can't wait to be king(LK)
In stilly night
Just a single voice
Love changes everything
Manang biday
O magnum mysterium
Oh, no John
Panis angelicus
Resonet in laudibus
Singapura medley
Song Da ge
Take this wings
The Lioness Hunt(LK)
The Mermaid
The Shepherdess
They live in you(LK)
Tiu Tiu Dang A
Weep weep mine eyes
When you believe
Whistle down the wind
White horses
Wade in the water
World's apart
Ya viene la vieja



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