Sunday, November 30, 2008


i forget to mention this the other day, some very basic stuffs. Or did we ever mention this before?
When we are performing, please make sure that :

- your foot or legs are at least shoulder width apart.

- that you are not allowed to touch your hair, specs, noses, eyesWHATEVER when you are singing, and if there is really a need,definitely must , like your eyeballs are dropping or something, doit after the song has finished!

- guy's hand must not be placed in your pockets, and this doesn'tapplies to the girls considering that we don't even have pockets.


- if you fell down while walking, DO NOT PANIC. i repeat, do notpanic. Just pick yourself up, and continue walking as if nothinghappen. If some one in front of you fell down, just pretend nothinghas happened when she/he climbed up.

-before the competition we are not allowed to drink milo and stuffs which is milky chalky whatever, cause it will clog our throat, block our sound.

- No eating of sweets before the performance.

-it's best to shut your mouth before the performance, because talking will ruin your warm-ups in some kind of sense.

-BE ALERT! if you're scared, look at Miss Ong! Remember you are not alone! Don't blank out!

even if you are nervous, do not tellanyone else that. Because this will spread your nervous-ness toeveryone else. We don't need nervous mixed with excitement and scary-ness on stage ya?

Okay! few very simple rules. Do ask your seniors for more info! :D

And while i'm on that,DO TAKE CARE OF YOUR VOICE! DRINK LOADSX100000 WATER, EAT MORE VIT.C AND DO NOT STAY UP LATE, AND SLEEP AT LEAST 8 HOURS! DO NOTSCREAM/SHOUT, and if possible try not to talk that much for thesefew days.:D



Kranji Choir
12:56:00 PMY

Hi here, sorry for sending this late out!


- starting of weep weep should be soft, with your tongue down, topronunce the word 'weep', and it must be a pure E vowel.

- We are singing with S2s for the starting of weep. Watch your pitchthere, as we tend to go sharp easily.- at bar 7, 'take no rest' , the rest, push it to the ending rest,or totally don't sing the 'st' at all. Remember, it must be SOFT!(remember the recording? the high weep and everything which soundawful? don't repeat that okay?)

- At the second weep, the high D, please open your space. it shouldbe a tall sound. If not, remember kimberly's voice, or miss ongvoice in the past. As in, how they would tackle the high notes.

- at bar 16, please hold it for two minum beats, meaning, fourcrochets beats. We always didn't hold it.- at bar 18, the weep must be strong. Meaning, ' WEEP EYES WEEPheart and both THIS accent cry'. Do not , blast or stress at theword ACCent, but instead stress it at both. Please remember what wedid on sectionals, and what happened and what you heard when we didit the normal way we do. (;

-Please remember to breathe before 'and both this...'. we alwaysforget about it.

- a thousand deaths i die, a 'thou', tongue must be out.

- be careful of 'ay me', because we are not very accurate at there.Please give more emotions at 'ah, ah cruel fortune'.

- at the second higher 'ay me', make it like, 'ai - me', make it ataller yet brighter sound.

- at 'NOW LE AN DER,' please watch miss ong's hand, and open yourspace and PREPARE FOR THE HIGH NOTE! it's time to imagine a sadstory.

- at death do they worst i care, it must be strong yet soft, andmust be heard. But if you can't reach the notes, don't push becauseyou'll go out of tune. AND it's not a happy thing so don't sing this part happily ah!

-be careful at bar 63, 'when i am dead', prepare for the high Fnatural, and make sure you don't go out of tune. Becareful of 'inelysian plain', stress at 'ly', and plain make it more to a 'plane'sound than plain.also, it is from a minor to major to major, so be careful!at bar 69, before meet, please breathe! AND WATCH MISS ONG HANDS ATIN ELYSIAN PLAIN, AND DONOT RUSH!

-We're slowing down around there.

- please make a taller sound for 'there'.after repeating, we are ending with the 'ne' sound for gain.

-throughout this sound, please make sure you ARE opening your mouth,use a taller placement, support, careful of your pitch, emotions,and last but not least LOOK AT MISS ONG! do not rush!at the last part, please remember that your lover has died, and youare sad, filled with sadness.

And at last, you will feel peacefulyadayada stuff.for that i reccomend you to watch ending of stairway to heaven,where the girlie died. Or tree of heaven, where the guy went to gethimself killed for the girl. Or maybe you can watch naruto, in thepart where kakashi foolishly died for naruto.



Kranji Choir
12:49:00 PMY

Saturday, November 29, 2008

hihi !!

mainly for altos

happy reading the following (:

Manang Biday
- sing softer on the on beat i-lu-kat-mo and go loud on the melody aafter it .
-dun rush or slow down on the off beat timing of the ma-nang
-take note of ur entry at bar 66 and bar 80 for the ay ma-nang .
- kick the high note at bar 82 the ma and bar 90

basically dun rush , or slow down n hit the high notes !! watch out for the jumping of notes .

Exultate Justi In Domino
-watch your pitching for the second can-ta-te-e-li
-timing for the IN VO-ci-fe-ra after the second be-ne psal-li-te e-li

Weep, weep, mine eyes
- low notes at bar four , hit it n sing it firmly.
-for the a thousand deaths i die , emphasise on the I n not die ..
-make sure tat you can be heard at bar 51 / 52 the I care not . coz we r the only ones who r singing i at that part .
-watch ur timing n pitching for the care at bar 54 / 55
-hold the bote at bar 58 for 4 counts !!!
-emphasis on ly in elysian plain
-hold the notes for in elysian plain and and there with joy dun anyhow take in breath

for all the three songs .
-dun sing in a kiddy primary sch choir voice !!
-watch your facial expression !! dun give some dead fish look
-must always pay attention to watever u are singing . if not u will go sharp or flat or off time coz u were lazy for just one second .. -.-

** feel the different type of love in the three songs XD

tats abt it .. i guess.. lol ..
sry for posting so late , XD
whaiee (:

Kranji Choir
11:31:00 PMY

Hi guys,
this is a list of things that i think we should take note of for the 3 songs.

Weep weep my eyes,
~Taller Voice, a rounder sound
~linking of the words to make the song flow
~watching out for breathing points
~putting in emotions to the song, so that we can bring the feeling of the song out
~tongue touching the lower teeth whn singing the word 'Weep'

Manang Biday,
~guys to try to use 'Fake voice' when needed or when cant reach high notes
~a taller voice but at the same time, light
~keeping track of tempo
~NO Rushing
~phrasing, bounce
~cheeky feeling
~breathing points

Exultate justi in domino
~Majestic feeling
~NO Rushing
~taller voice
~watch out for tempo

Okay. Now the genting trip is only like a few days away, so my fellow choir members plxz take good care of yourself and make sure u are in top form. Bring along any medications if u need any. Do all the packings of stuff ASAP, never wait until last minute ah. Most Importantly,must remember to drink lots of water and dont shout so as to protect your voice. Your voice is very important one hor. Without it, you cant perform well, Then your efforts all go down to the drain.I m sure you guys dont want that right?So PLXZ REMEMBER all this things that i wrote down k?


Kranji Choir
10:40:00 PMY

Friday, November 28, 2008


Sopranos! The list of stuff to take note of are here! I’m exceedingly confident that everyone of us will be able to do them all on stage. Yes?

Exultate Justi In Domino

• Before the song, settle down, calm down. Remember not to rush.
• Bar 9 don’t be too complacent about the change of time
• 1st Con fi te mi ni DO mi no (dynamics)
• Bar 12 breathing before in ci - - - - tha-ra
• 1st Ci - - - no gliding, every note must be heard, the wave-like dynamics. ~ ~
• 2nd Con fi te mi ni do mi noOOOOO (crescendo at no), but do not push (avoid going sharp)
• 2nd in ci - - - - tha-ra, do not become lazy at the descending notes, keep the placement and support!
• .. I have no idea how to describe the dynamics at in psal te ri o de cem chord a rum. Sorry. =X
• Psal li te il li, start soft, crescendo, and draw back at il – li.
• Can ta te e i, be sure on the entry, crescendo, link and draw back at e – i.
• Bar 23 Can ti-cum no - - - … kick support more on entry, ti-cum is faster, wave-like dynamics like in ci - - - - tha-ra ~ ~
• Bar 26, remember your in vo-ci-fe-ra
• Bar 29 listen to either bass or alto for entry
• Bar 30 be on time for entry
• Bar 31 the in is a bit longer. Hold and link
• Bar 32 accent a bit more on the vo.
• Bar 33 every note of the o – o- o – o must be heard.
• Bar 34 remember to sing the ne!
• Bar 34 we’re now holding ti -, its different from the old score.
• Remember the timing of the lau da ti o at the ending.

..I know I’m being naggy about these things, but please, please, just do it on stage okay?

Grand, awe-inspiring, gold, yellow… jewels in abundance. Trumpets trumpeting…The grandeur of the place… You’re in the presence of royalty!

Manang Biday

• Bounce!
• 1st MA nang accent a bit on the MA
• All Ma nang bi day I lu kat mo MAN~ link it, grow it
• All Ta bent a na I ka luk ba BAM~ link it, grow it
• All Ki ta em toy kin a ya WAM~ link it, grow it
• All Ay ma ta yak on no di nak ka SIAN~ link it, grow it
• Bar 33 Grow louder here!
• Bar 36-42 Ma nang I lu kat mo.. we’re moving together with everyone else, don’t rush
• Bar 42 SOFT! But extremely strong support. Timing!
• Bar 58 We’re the melody, sing a little louder.
• Bar 67 I lu kat timing. Grow the sound
• Bar 76 I lu kat.. the whole choir’s moving together. Practice saying it, like a tongue twister
• Bar 80 loud!
• Bar 88 grow the sian
• Bar 90 have confidence in yourself!

It’s a courtship that has a chance of happening. Cheekiness, playfulness.. bring it all in. Colour the picture pink!

Weep, weep, mine eyes

Sop Ones:
Jia Ying will be sending out her notes as well, so if I wrote anything wrong, very very very sorry.
• Bar 1 be careful on the entry
• Bar 5 my, same note as sop 2
• Bar 7 same notes as the sop 2
• Bar 8 hold on the rest
• Bar 9 be careful and don’t go sharp!
• Bar 15 ne’re be is on the same notes as the sop 2
• Bar 16 hold on the blest
• Bar 20 be careful of the jump!
• Bar 38 ay, be careful of your note
• Bar 40 link for-tune to bar 41’s ay
• Bar 49 Death, do thy worst MUST be heard
• Bar 50 hold on the care and link it to the not
• Bar 61 be careful of your When. Kick more on support
• In Elysian plain, don’t push.
• And there with joy don’t push
• Last note must be heard

Sop Twos:
• Bar 1 be steady
• Bar 4 1st mine, same note as tenors
• Bar 7 same notes as the sop 1
• Bar 8 hold on the rest
• Bar 9 Weep, growing stronger and a little louder, remember to hold all 3 counts!
• Bar 11 hold the heart the full 3 counts
• Bar 15 ne’re be is on the same notes as the sop 1
• Bar 16 NO breathing! Be careful of our weep eyes weep heart
• Bar 16 we’re moving with the basses, listen out
• Bar 19 same note as the basses for ‘both’
• Bar 21 hold the cry all 4 counts!
• Bar 25 take a deep breath before coming in
• Bar 26 grow the thousand, decrescendo the deaths I die..
• Bar 30 hold the die!
• Bar 31 take a GOOD breath before coming in
• Bar 32 we’re moving with the tenors
• Bar 33 decrescendo the I die
• Bar 35 grow the thousand, decrescendo the I die
• Bar 38 STRONG entry for Ay me
• Bar 41 take a good breath
• Bar 43 take a good breath before coming in for Now. Take the note from the tenors and basses ‘now’.
• Bar 47 hold the die for the full 2 counts
• Bar 49 be weary of your Death. We’re on the same time as the altos and tenors
• Bar 54 hold the full 3 counts for not
• Bar 55 don’t hesitate!
• Bar 54 hold the not the full 3 counts
• Don’t rush the in Elysian plain! Link the notes for this section.
• Bar 69 remember the timing for And There
• Bar 74 no breathing! =(

Both Sopranos:
• No breathing in the first 8 bars
• Breathe only at the commas and full stops unless you were told NOT to.
• Cut away the ses and sts.
• Support!
• In Elysian plain, feel alone.
• And there with joy, feel as though the whole world has stopped. Time has frozen and the only thing that exists is grief/ sadness and sorrow.
• The U tongue shape
• Don’t rush! It’s a slow, sad, painful… etc, song!
• 1st time, its louder than 2nd. Repeat is quieter

Profound sorrow, grief, and heartache – these are the primary emotions of the song. Slow moving greys, deep dark greens, and the deepest blues. The colours of the sea. You stand at a cliff, waiting and waiting, but nothing will ever, ever, come back to you.

To get into the feel of the song, listen to this:

The song is titled Sadness and Sorrow

… and don’t you dare tell me Sasuke is gay.

Alright! 2 more days!! SLEEP EARLY PEOPLE! I should follow this order more strictly myself. Can’t afford to get sick so, LOADS of WATER! Less/No chili, curry, laksa, tom yum... you get the idea. Start packing NOW! Don’t wait! Lest you panic later. D: BRING YOUR SCORES! I’ll come up with a way to fine you guys if you don’t. Alright! See you all on Monday and PLEASE BE ON TIME! You wouldn’t want to be left behind in Singapore right?


Kranji Choir
11:53:00 PMY

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


sry for posting up late. .

altos , tml same time same place , dun be late !!

cyas (:
whaiee (:

Kranji Choir
8:12:00 PMY


Sopranos! Really really sorry that I couldn't get this up for you guys last night, but here's the midi file for Friendship.

Have fun learning the song!


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Kranji Choir
11:24:00 AMY


Please check the following for your groupings, and remember it! Help to take note for your friends okay? SLs, any problem with the arrangement, or something wrong, please tell me ASAP, thank youuuu!

Group A

Sim Qian Qi
Len Wan Yan
Kwang Jing Wen
Ang Jing Han
Tng Qiu Ying
Khoo Li Ting Hazel
Chong Yan Ying
Grace lee
Tan Jingting
Lai Fong Ming
Yu Jing
Poh Yin

Ong kheng hian
Samuel goh
Shao Jun

Group B

Zi En
Clarissa Yeo
Sze Yun

ong wen hua
chin ho
Kwong Hong

Group C


Victoria Maria

Okay done! Any unhappiness with your groupings will not be entertained, unless your SLs agrees to change due some problem with regards to singing. Okay! Have a pleasant day and please turn up for sectionals on Wednesday AND EAT YOUR BREAKFAST AH!

Lots of love,

Kranji Choir
12:29:00 AMY

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hello Hello!~

1. Sop sectionals on weds

Sop sectionals on weds will start at 8:30am SHARP. Please be on time. Thank you!

2. Scores

Those going to genting, please bring your whistle down the wind and friendship scores on wednesday. Sec ones who cannot access the yahoo groups, please ka chiao your SL for it!

The scores that you can get from your SL are:

  1. Exultate (new version)
  2. Whistle down the wind
  3. Friendship
3. Whistle down the wind midi files (alto only)
[posted on behalf of Whai Ee]

Because people have been asking, here it is. The piano and clarinet midi files are EXACTLY the same. The piano midi file is for you to learn the notes. The clarinet midi file is for you to get a better feel of the song.

4. Reminder

Practice ends at 5:30 on weds and thurs.

5. Sop's friendship midi file

Sopranos!! I'm VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY SORRY but Iost my friendship scores.. So I won't be able to get the midi file up by tonight. I swear I'll get it up ASAP! Once again, SORRY!!! T____________T


Kranji Choir
8:29:00 PMY


midi files !!

whistle down the wind ( sops )
whistle down the wind ( alto - clarinet )
whistle down the wind ( alto - piano )
firendship ( alto )

actually i din do all these midi files , i just took it out frm the yahoo groups n put it up here .COZ !! i have nth to do .. n more ppl are able to get midi files frm the blog so i post it up here XD (: if i m not wrong , some of the midi files r done by cat .. i tink long time ago . XD

ya , so download these songs n like know ur parts , although u may not have the score , just listen to the midi files n know wat the medley is like .. (: any problems in downloading the midi files please tag , DUN SUFFER IN SILENCE ... (:

sing well , play well and er .. rest well ? lol (: (:

whaiee (:

hahah !! my post so colourful ! (:

Kranji Choir
6:47:00 PMY

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hello guys!

Sopranos 1 sectionals will be on Monday, at 8.45am, and please meet outside AVA! if you're late,(try not to be late cause we'll warm up without you and you will sound like a screaming chicken if you don't warm-up), we may be found near the sec3 classroom block, around 3B there.

Please attend the sectionals, if you don't ah, you will just keep singing the wrong thing.. sound awful.. sound like a screaming chicken.. and competition is in like ... in one weeks time?! YES! WE GOTTA WORK HARD SO I WANT TO SEE YOU ALL ONE MONDDAAAAYYYY! ;D

Please bring snacks along, so won't get hungry, and we'll be singing through Manang and more on Exultate,(depends). We'll not be doing weepweep since we did it last sectional, but that depends as well.

And this is to all choir memebers, please please drink loads of water, eat more fruits, don't scream like gays/siaozhabor, try not to eat fried food, sleep at least for 8hours! TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH! Like what i have mentioned above, competition is coming soon, so please protect your voice okay! Let's do our very the best! =D

See you guys on mondaaayyyyyyyyyyyy! :D



Kranji Choir
9:59:00 PMY


sectionals for ALTOS

time : 8.30 am SHARP !!

dont be late ! i will start at 8.30 am

date : er the coming monday's practice ? er .. 24 nov i tink ..

place : canteen ( if we could use there , coz the place is just so "BEAUTIFUL" tat sectionals should be held there )

kays , then there is a few things i would like to mention

  1. i expect full attendance for sectionals unless with valid reason , provided that you tell ME BEFORE HAND

  2. and those people who is not attending choir due to reasons like u are overseas etc etc , please tell your SLs before hand ... esp altos ar!! i rlly dunno why some of u are not attending practices . well sometimes i may forget too but u can just nag at me tat u are not attending practice . MUST KEEP REMINDING ME , just incase i forget
  3. pass message to ur friends coz i wont be calling / smsing / msning every single alto member to see the choir blog

k ya.. thats about it .. see ya on monday !!


Kranji Choir
7:56:00 PMY

Thursday, November 20, 2008

[Posted on behalf of Whai Ee]


Is there any kind person out there who is shoe sized 6 and is willing to lend her black shoes?

Is there another kind person out there who has a XS or S sized white shirt that they are willing to lend?

If you are that kind person, please inform Whai Ee ASAP! no. NOW!!!! ITS SUPER URGENT!


Kranji Choir
9:14:00 PMY


First off, well done for today's practice. We progressed! :]


Monday's S2 Sectionals are at 8:30. Meet outside the AVA room.

Moving on..
[posted on behalf of XinYi]

Lion King prac for open house is at 1pm TMR.(21/11) Meet at the FOYER. We'll end as soon as we finish prac.

Finally, Open House details:
[posted on behalf of XinYi]

Date: 22/11

Meeting time: 9am outside the staffroom. BE ON TIME!

Performance Time: 10:10-10:20 AND 12:10-12:20

Location: Foyer OR Canteen

Guys - Black pants, shirts and shoes. Silver Ties
Girls - White shirt, black pants, black heels and pink scarf

Note: Lunch is provided!

Cat. [:

Kranji Choir
8:44:00 PMY

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hello! I'm posting of behalf of cat.

There'll be sectionals for sopranos tomorrow, 8Am at AVA, please bring your scores, and eat full breakfast! :D And do bring some snacks if you want! See you tomorrowoooooowww! :D


Kranji Choir
7:52:00 PMY

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hello! some entertainment for you guys!

credits to nat who found this video ;D

Kranji Choir
12:02:00 AMY

Saturday, November 15, 2008

coz too many ppl have been asking abt the dimension , i shall post it up for ALLLLLL OF YOU TO SEEEEEE!!!!!! HAHAHAH ...

its 21 cm by 10.5 cm


1.fold a square from a A4paper
2.cut half
3.same dimension obtained

k read it n rmb it !! (:(:

actually i m someone to post all this stuff .. lol..

Kranji Choir
10:14:00 PMY

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hey guys!

the things mentioned below are things that you should put
inside the booklet thingy for open house.

Achievements of Kranji choir :

2005: SYF(silver), Dansical
2006: SYF opening, Bilingual competiton, colors of Asia,Performance
at sentosa,
2007: SYF(Silver), SYF showcase, Lion King musical medley(concert)

(Information) About choir:


Lift Every Voice, Sing And Rejoice


To provide good training programme and learning environment
towards choral excellence.

Through its choral training programme, the choir aims to develop a
perceptive and sensitive appreciation of music while training them
to express ideas and feelings.
The weekly training sessions include breathing exercises, vocal warm
ups, sectional practices and combined sectional practices.

Besides encouraging members to participate and gain practical skills
in singing for self-expression, satisfaction and enjoyment, the
choir also helps develop leadership skills, social skills and

About Conductor:


About schools the seniors got into:

ACJC - Kimberley,Cheehow,Hopemi
AJC-Sean, tianjun


About deducting marks for O levels:


*for this part, please leave a blank for the info. Shall give it to
you guys on monday. (;

I apologise for the delay in sending out of information, and hope
you guys have fun making the er... booklet. =D

See ya on monday!


Kranji Choir
5:24:00 PMY

Monday, November 10, 2008

i edited this post !! ... read it again !! thx


k its my turn to post up about the extra sectionals (:

details read the post that cat has posted (:

k . extra sectinals is compulsory for the following people (:
  1. Clarissa
  2. Qian Qi
  3. Winona
  4. Ihaa
  5. Jing Wen
  6. Lilian
  7. Wei Jun
  8. Grace
  9. wan yan

and optional for :

  1. Simin
  2. Xiu Xuan

you two dont have to come if u are confident in the songs (:

those who wish to attend the extra sectionals are welcomed . BUT inform me beforehand (:

and those who cannot make it on 17 nov , please tell me and i will make arrangement ..

this extra sectionals is for ur own good ... so its better if the ppl listed attend it ..


whaiee (:

Kranji Choir
8:36:00 PMY

Sunday, November 09, 2008


The extra sop and alto sectionals are on the 17th of Nov at 9am. Normal prac starts at 10 so please have a heavy/heavier breakfast.

The people who are to come:


  1. Jie Xin
  2. Carina
  3. Michelle
  4. Han Wei
  5. Poh Yin
  6. Yu Jia
  7. Candice
  8. Jia Ying
  9. Sze Yun
  10. Hazel
  11. Emma
  12. Lydia
  13. Yanting
  14. Joy
* For those's names are NOT on the list, but are interested to come, please do. :D
* If your name is on the list, this sectional is COMPULSORY for you. [It's only one extra hour before normal prac!!!!]
* If you CANNOT make it for the extra sectionals, but your name is on the list, PLEASE inform me ASAP! Thank you!

[Whai Ee! Do this yourself! =X]


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Kranji Choir
11:06:00 PMY

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Att: Sopranos


I'm so so sorry that this took so long, but here's the midi file for Exultate (new score). (just click)


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Kranji Choir
10:08:00 AMY

Friday, November 07, 2008

Hi all, this is one of the videos of weep weep mine eyes. Credits to saammmuuueeellll who found the video. ;]

of course there are other videos avaliable but you can find it by typing the title.


Kranji Choir
11:07:00 PMY


An Online Replica Of Kranji Choir's Notice Board; if not better.


-Practices will be on every monday and friday
-Time may vary depending on conductor
-You will be notifed for any changes
-So please look out for anouncements either on the notice board or the blog


Speech Day-2005
Chinese new year performnce-2006
SYF opening-2006
Bilingual competition-2006
Colours of Asia-2006
Speech day-2006
Performance @ sentosa-2006
National day in school-2006
Prize-giving Day-2007
SYF showcase-2007
Prize-giving day-2008
Chinese new year performance-2009
Choral exchange(Mr Mark meet the maestro workshop)
Singapore Youth Festival 2009 - SILVER


Ad Dominum cum tribularer
Adoramus te
All creatures now
Be prepared(LK)
Can you feel the love tonight(LK)
Chow Down(LK)
Circle of life(LK)
Crown of roses
Dare to dream
Dashing away with the smoothing iron
Doctor Eisenbart
Don't let it pass you by
Down by the river side
Endless Night
Everyone sang
Exsultate justi
Find your rainbow
Hakuna Matata(LK)
Happy days
I just can't wait to be king(LK)
In stilly night
Just a single voice
Love changes everything
Manang biday
O magnum mysterium
Oh, no John
Panis angelicus
Resonet in laudibus
Singapura medley
Song Da ge
Take this wings
The Lioness Hunt(LK)
The Mermaid
The Shepherdess
They live in you(LK)
Tiu Tiu Dang A
Weep weep mine eyes
When you believe
Whistle down the wind
White horses
Wade in the water
World's apart
Ya viene la vieja



Jia Ying
Jie Xin
Wei En
Wen Ting
Yean Jun
Yee Gin
Yu Jing
Zhi xuan

Wild Empire
Xinmin Chorale
HKSS Choir
Green View Choir
Woodgrove Choir


10/01/2006 - 11/01/2006
11/01/2006 - 12/01/2006
12/01/2006 - 01/01/2007
01/01/2007 - 02/01/2007
02/01/2007 - 03/01/2007
03/01/2007 - 04/01/2007
04/01/2007 - 05/01/2007
05/01/2007 - 06/01/2007
06/01/2007 - 07/01/2007
07/01/2007 - 08/01/2007
10/01/2007 - 11/01/2007
11/01/2007 - 12/01/2007
03/01/2008 - 04/01/2008
05/01/2008 - 06/01/2008
06/01/2008 - 07/01/2008
08/01/2008 - 09/01/2008
09/01/2008 - 10/01/2008
10/01/2008 - 11/01/2008
11/01/2008 - 12/01/2008
12/01/2008 - 01/01/2009
01/01/2009 - 02/01/2009
02/01/2009 - 03/01/2009
03/01/2009 - 04/01/2009
04/01/2009 - 05/01/2009
06/01/2009 - 07/01/2009
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designer; Eekie
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