Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hi there,

for the juniors who have yet to buy your black pants and white shirts(for girls) and black pants and black shirts(for guys), please do so before next week. And please bring it to school for me/khenghian/joel/wenhua to check. Thanks.

Guys, please buy your black shoes ASAP. No sports shoes or what-so-ever thank you. If unsure, please bring it to the people mentioned above to check. Girls, it's time to start finding black heels. Thanks.

Lastly, reminder and something to add on to what Cat have said,

i would greatly apperciate it if you guys would try and keep your scores, because there are missing scores already. It's one dollar for a missing score each, so unless you are feeling rich/you are rich, if not please look after your score carefully.

As for those food which are being banned, please follow it and do not eat it. Thank you. What you should be avoiding is those spicy food,chocolates and things that would make you feel heaty or sick or have sore throat. Seniors, please have self-discipline and stop eating those. Juniors(meaning sec ones), please do not eat those spicy food and anything that makes you feel sick. (etc chocolates,sweets etc).

Seniors, like what cat said, please push your friends into SYF team. Like what miss ong had said, she wants to bring more people to SYF, which is what khenghian and i and all the leaders want to. So, people who are not in SYF team, it's not too late yet. Practice and practice, if anything unsure, you may ask your SLs, or even your fellow choir members. It's our last SYF, and let's make it as a whole choir okay? (:

Ok. Finally,

before i end my super long and lengthy post,

please take good care of your voice, and for those who have yet to memorize your songs, DO IT BEFORE NEXT WEEK.

thank you, and good luck for the CTs! ;D


Kranji Choir
10:30:00 PMY

Att: Sops


Sec 4,
This is a friendly reminder from your SL that you owe her 37. 

Also, this is the updated banned food list for SYF team members. 

1. Laksa
2. Peanuts

One to be added every prac. Enjoy your chocolate while it lasts~

That and this is not a reminder but an order for all of you to PUSH YOUR FRIENDS INTO THE SYF TEAM!  Force then to take the SL auditions as soon as possible. Don't forget that with every week that passes, it will become more and more difficult to get into the team! 

Speaking of that, this is a 'reminder' for the SYF team people not to slack off. 

To all Sec 1 - 3, 

All the best for your CTs next week! 

Enjoy the weekend!


Kranji Choir
3:11:00 PMY

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello Ladies and gentlemen,boys and Girls.

Ahem, please be kindly informed that for sec fours, the coming thurs and fri, please come for prac and remember to bring your scores. ;D (if not, can go sing ABBA moneymoneymoney already)

As for lower sec (plus sec 3s) , please go and download the midi files that the SLs have posted below, download and listen and MEMORISE. yes dear, you didn't look at the wrong word, and neither did i mis-spelt it. Memorise it because we're performing soon~

Just in case you kukus have no idea/didn't come for practice/STM, then this is for you. Open eyes big big ah!

Soprano - Cat
Alto- Whaiee
Tenor - Kwonghong
Bass - Shiyong

So please download and learn ah! ;D yesgoodboysandgirls.

So, like what Khenghian had said just now, it's important for us to be on the toes considering that SYF is coming in like... a few weeks time, not counting this week, 6-8 more weeks. Let's do some math, and you'll know(unless you are simply too lazy to use your brain), let's say we have 3 prac each week, pretending we only have 7 weeks... we only have 21 PRACTICE LEFT!

So considering our progress now... i strongly believe that we should really work very hard and treat each practice with serious-ness and seriously. No playing here and there, or what, daydreaming about sheeps or whatever that you can think of, because practice for now,(and always) is of great importance. Clear, no , moi?

As we said, or heard,

choices = consequences

therefore to achieve what we want,we must definitely work hard and meanwhile really pay attention in practice!


so what are you waiting for?!!?!? GO LEARN YOUR SONGS NOW LA DEY!


Kranji Choir
10:34:00 PMY

Sunday, February 22, 2009

HI HI !!

this is the BASS midi file or song da ge !!!
make sure u get the correct one k ? there is some changes made to the midi ..

k happy revising the songs !!

Kranji Choir
9:51:00 PMY


midi files for crown of roses ( with dynamics ) and song da ge ( correct one )

take note !! get the correct song da ge .. !!

n altos .. er.. take note for all the three songs ( white horses , song da ge and the crown of roses ) please take note , no speaking voice . if not u will sound like a tenor ( man man one XDXD ) so altos , u are not man , neither r u manly .. so use singing voice all the time k =] ya .. so tat one point for u to take note =]

whaiee =]

Kranji Choir
6:49:00 PMY

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hello hello.

Received a very interesting e-mail. Sharing to motivate everyone. (: 

When someone tells you that you can't do something... 

Look around...

Consider all options. 

Then, GO for it!

Use all that you have

Be creative!

In the end, you will succeed and prove them wrong!

Always remember that Nothing is Impossible.(: 

(this post denies purple) 

Kranji Choir
10:47:00 PMY

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


another purple post by me XD

k i m motivated .. i did not get any reminders from anybody ... n i did the midi file ... so you must be motivated n download the midi files n revise your songs !! HAHAAHA

here you go !

i added the rests when the tenors n basses sing on the first page . and the repeat .

ya happy revising the songs n see you tml morning when we sing the national anthem !! haha


Kranji Choir
10:15:00 PMY

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

hello !!

i am here to post up the midi file for
THE CROWN OF ROSES !! ( alto part )

ya so download that and try to get the pitching correct first !! before u do the dynamics . ya another midi will be up for this song with the dynamics soon , together with song da ge . so MUST follow this midi closely n get your pitching and timing right first before you add on to dynamics .. if not the song will sound like .. i dunno ..

take note of bar 16 , bar 49 timing !! zzz this mistakes have been repeated for dunno how many times such tat i can rmb the bar number without looking at the score -.-

and revise through your white horses n song da ge . white horses midi have been put up like long long LONG ago .. so go find !!
oh ya .. ka-chiao / jiao me for song da ge k ? ( in other words remind me XD ) =]

revise your songs ! n add lots of oil !!
whaiee (:

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Kranji Choir
10:00:00 PMY

to add on to what cat say...


so let's all work hard, despite the ever piling homework. WE CAN DO IT PEOPLE!

because Nike/addias says(can't remember la).

"nothing is impossible"

so please take initaitive, like ka-jiaoing whaiee for midi, ka-jiao-ing SLs for audition, getting prepared for it, yada stuffs like that.

remember seniors. It's our last SYF in this choir.

let's do our best. (;

Kranji Choir
9:32:00 PMY

Hello hello. 

There are.. 9 pracs left to the rehersal at VCH! (9/3) WORK HARD PEOPLE! 
From now on, 
for those who wish to enter the SYF team and need to be auditioned by the SLs are to inform their SLs. We will not hold auditions unless there are people who want to be auditioned. Also, please come prepared and don't make the SLs/Comm members wait for you. 

Well done to those who came today and tried their best. (: 

For people who want to improve their pitching/timing, 
please learn from your midi files. Download into your ipod/mp3, put one earpiece in your ear, listen and sing at the same time. 

we want to move on to perfecting the song in terms of it's everything so please do your own part in learning the dynamics at home. Dynamics are included inside the midi files. 

please pronounce your words properly when singing. Don't use the wrong vowels. Remember for White Horses the 'their' is pronounced 'there'. But you need to think 'their' when you sing it. 

Jia you jia you!!!


Sops! Be proactive and ask me for your CERTS! I still have a stack not given out yet. Get them from me before I lose/damage them kay? 


Kranji Choir
9:15:00 PMY

Sunday, February 01, 2009



Midi files for Crown of Roses here: 
Bass: of roses bass.mid
Baritone: of roses baritone.mid

Thank your SL. (; 


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Kranji Choir
9:26:00 PMY


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