Sunday, December 24, 2006

Holidays coming to an end.

Practice on the 27/12/06 is now from 9am to 4pm.

Practice : 9am to 4 pm
Venue : As Usual ( only a few possible places )

Note: Bring all your scores if you still have them, i believe we are going through all the songs including the polishing and some rehersal for the Choir Concert.

Note: You should be collecting your Choir T Shirt on this day.

Kranji Choir
2:48:00 PMY

Friday, December 22, 2006

Dont know why, suddenly decided to blog about this, here in Kranji Choir Blog :p

Probably am going to be said that i am BHB for posting this, but i realise that our choir still hasn't lost the charm we had for a long time.

The Hyper Activeness and the Life in it. Maybe some of you in the choir might find it strict, but maybe think back leh..

I didnt think so at first, but after hearing all the feed backs, and observing people, i realised this is probably true. Let me start by quoting some of the stuff the PJC people said ( not going to name them ) when i chatted with them casually .

" Your choir is very active and hyper and fun to work with, alot of energy. Something which some other choir lacks "
" (Name removed) fell in love with your choir the first time he came in "

( All these quotes are as i remembered, might not remember them too accurately )

Something our previous Conductor once said. ( three guesses who.. )

" Your Choir has something special , makes me wanna come back. Bu se de ni men "

Alot alot more.

Including some stuff from Ms Conductor Ong too, but i shall not post that out , partially because i didnt hear it for myself or i wasnt paying attention.


Wahaha. Kranji Choir all the way ! xD


Choir outing today

Not too good a response, only about 13 turned up. It was quite discouraging at first, 13 people only...

But after arriving at sentosa ( we changed plans last minute ), We found out that 12 people is okay ! We had so much fun together, and i believe every one who went will agree xD.

Play all the games with the waterbomb. We played games like Dog and Bone ( Revised Water Bomb Version ), Red Indian, Captains Ball, Pass the ball. Basically just alot of games la. The Games entertained us for 4 hours, after that we slack by the beach. Played water, build sand castle, play fristbee.

Went to HarbourFront for Dinner at 6 plus, and went home after that.

Objective achieved xD

Too bad to all those who didnt came. And By the way , it only rained for 15 minutes the entire day we were at Sentosa :P

Nevermind people, come next outing.. loL.

Kranji Choir
12:57:00 AMY

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hey people, Choir outing will be on the 21st Dec, Thursday. Bring an extra change of clothes and yourself. As for entering the beach, its up to you because there will be alot of free time. I just intend to do abit of games to kill time.

We will be meeting at 10 am at CCK MRT station. Of course, those who know how to go down themselves can do so but please have abit of sense of time, dont come at 4 pm when all of us are going back at 5 for example. I would strongly urge everyone to come at 10 oclock CCK MRT or at 11 oclock ECP.

After witnessing the overwhelming response on the tag board. It made me reconsider whether to actually carry on with the planning. However from the tagbox, it seems that over 30 pple have voted so i still have that glimmer of hope.

Attendance List.
1. Tianjun 10am CCK
2. Huisian 10am CCK
3. Shiyong 10am CCK
4. Jos ( Interested/ To be confirmed ) ehhh, u are ?!?
5. Renee 10am CCK
6. Eekie 10am CCK
7. Cindy Lau (interested / To be confirmed)
8. Jiaying (interested / To be confirmed)
9. Zhixuan 10am CCK
10. Samuel 10am CCK
11. Jiexin (interested / To be confirmed)
12. Kheng Hian (interested / To be confirmed)
13. Yee Gin (interested / To be confirmed)
14. Chong Ren 10am CCK
15. Shilin 10am CCK
16. Joel 10am CCK
17. Mingyue 10am CCK
18. Hope Mi 10am CCK
19. Munkit 10am CCK
20. Grace 10am CCK
21. Germain 10am CCK
People, please pass the word around about this outing, i know its the holidays and none of you are checking the blog on a daily basis already ( the web statistic shows it )and i dont intend to spring a suprise on the blog yet so.....

Please pass the word around, ask your friends if they coming and help them tag if the are.

Kranji Choir
10:26:00 AMY

Monday, December 11, 2006

There was an overwhelming response of ELEVEN when choosing the date of the choir outing.

Choir Outing will be in the 21st December Thursday.
Meeting time will be 10am at Choa Chu Kang MRT Station and Interchange. We will be going to East Coast Park. The outing will last till night time and it is advised you bring an extra set of clothing as you might get wet.
One more time, Choir Outing is on the 21st of December. On a THURSDAY.


Kranji Choir
11:10:00 AMY

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Regarding the choir outing, I need to know the majority of people who are available on which day.

19th DECEMBER (Tuesday)
20th DECEMBER (Wednesday)
21st DECEMBER (Thursday)

please inform me through MSN or the tagboard. I seek your cooperation as I have to set the date by Monday.

For your information, email address is:

Outing will be at East Coast Park. As to what we are going to do there, is not yet decided.


Kranji Choir
11:31:00 AMY

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hey guys, please indicate which will interest you most.

I was thinking instead of just going some place to rot, maybe we can have some of this rarer activities included too, activities you wont really do yourself.

Lets say 10 - 1 oclock the course, den rest of time slacking, or the committee can organize some games to play and all. Really depends on you all. xD

Oh yea, please note that this is a unofficial outing, meaning it has nothing to do with Kranji Secondary School and thus the School cannot be held responsible.

But of course, all the activities are planned with safety in pioriety.

Do vote though, because i really think an outing is alot better then sitting at home rotting infront of computer. Oh yea, help your friends to vote too please.

Kranji Choir
5:35:00 PMY

Friday, December 01, 2006

I understand that its a long december holidays, and many of us are rotting at home infront of our computers with nothing to do. Including myself.

So thus, i was thinking of a outing, possibly to ECP, east coast park. We can either go there slack waste time, or can get the committee to organize some simple games to be played around the area.

Can you all please tag if you will be interested because i would like to see the response before actually organising and setting the date.

Kranji Choir
12:58:00 PMY


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