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Sopranos! The list of stuff to take note of are here! I’m exceedingly confident that everyone of us will be able to do them all on stage. Yes?

Exultate Justi In Domino

• Before the song, settle down, calm down. Remember not to rush.
• Bar 9 don’t be too complacent about the change of time
• 1st Con fi te mi ni DO mi no (dynamics)
• Bar 12 breathing before in ci - - - - tha-ra
• 1st Ci - - - no gliding, every note must be heard, the wave-like dynamics. ~ ~
• 2nd Con fi te mi ni do mi noOOOOO (crescendo at no), but do not push (avoid going sharp)
• 2nd in ci - - - - tha-ra, do not become lazy at the descending notes, keep the placement and support!
• .. I have no idea how to describe the dynamics at in psal te ri o de cem chord a rum. Sorry. =X
• Psal li te il li, start soft, crescendo, and draw back at il – li.
• Can ta te e i, be sure on the entry, crescendo, link and draw back at e – i.
• Bar 23 Can ti-cum no - - - … kick support more on entry, ti-cum is faster, wave-like dynamics like in ci - - - - tha-ra ~ ~
• Bar 26, remember your in vo-ci-fe-ra
• Bar 29 listen to either bass or alto for entry
• Bar 30 be on time for entry
• Bar 31 the in is a bit longer. Hold and link
• Bar 32 accent a bit more on the vo.
• Bar 33 every note of the o – o- o – o must be heard.
• Bar 34 remember to sing the ne!
• Bar 34 we’re now holding ti -, its different from the old score.
• Remember the timing of the lau da ti o at the ending.

..I know I’m being naggy about these things, but please, please, just do it on stage okay?

Grand, awe-inspiring, gold, yellow… jewels in abundance. Trumpets trumpeting…The grandeur of the place… You’re in the presence of royalty!

Manang Biday

• Bounce!
• 1st MA nang accent a bit on the MA
• All Ma nang bi day I lu kat mo MAN~ link it, grow it
• All Ta bent a na I ka luk ba BAM~ link it, grow it
• All Ki ta em toy kin a ya WAM~ link it, grow it
• All Ay ma ta yak on no di nak ka SIAN~ link it, grow it
• Bar 33 Grow louder here!
• Bar 36-42 Ma nang I lu kat mo.. we’re moving together with everyone else, don’t rush
• Bar 42 SOFT! But extremely strong support. Timing!
• Bar 58 We’re the melody, sing a little louder.
• Bar 67 I lu kat timing. Grow the sound
• Bar 76 I lu kat.. the whole choir’s moving together. Practice saying it, like a tongue twister
• Bar 80 loud!
• Bar 88 grow the sian
• Bar 90 have confidence in yourself!

It’s a courtship that has a chance of happening. Cheekiness, playfulness.. bring it all in. Colour the picture pink!

Weep, weep, mine eyes

Sop Ones:
Jia Ying will be sending out her notes as well, so if I wrote anything wrong, very very very sorry.
• Bar 1 be careful on the entry
• Bar 5 my, same note as sop 2
• Bar 7 same notes as the sop 2
• Bar 8 hold on the rest
• Bar 9 be careful and don’t go sharp!
• Bar 15 ne’re be is on the same notes as the sop 2
• Bar 16 hold on the blest
• Bar 20 be careful of the jump!
• Bar 38 ay, be careful of your note
• Bar 40 link for-tune to bar 41’s ay
• Bar 49 Death, do thy worst MUST be heard
• Bar 50 hold on the care and link it to the not
• Bar 61 be careful of your When. Kick more on support
• In Elysian plain, don’t push.
• And there with joy don’t push
• Last note must be heard

Sop Twos:
• Bar 1 be steady
• Bar 4 1st mine, same note as tenors
• Bar 7 same notes as the sop 1
• Bar 8 hold on the rest
• Bar 9 Weep, growing stronger and a little louder, remember to hold all 3 counts!
• Bar 11 hold the heart the full 3 counts
• Bar 15 ne’re be is on the same notes as the sop 1
• Bar 16 NO breathing! Be careful of our weep eyes weep heart
• Bar 16 we’re moving with the basses, listen out
• Bar 19 same note as the basses for ‘both’
• Bar 21 hold the cry all 4 counts!
• Bar 25 take a deep breath before coming in
• Bar 26 grow the thousand, decrescendo the deaths I die..
• Bar 30 hold the die!
• Bar 31 take a GOOD breath before coming in
• Bar 32 we’re moving with the tenors
• Bar 33 decrescendo the I die
• Bar 35 grow the thousand, decrescendo the I die
• Bar 38 STRONG entry for Ay me
• Bar 41 take a good breath
• Bar 43 take a good breath before coming in for Now. Take the note from the tenors and basses ‘now’.
• Bar 47 hold the die for the full 2 counts
• Bar 49 be weary of your Death. We’re on the same time as the altos and tenors
• Bar 54 hold the full 3 counts for not
• Bar 55 don’t hesitate!
• Bar 54 hold the not the full 3 counts
• Don’t rush the in Elysian plain! Link the notes for this section.
• Bar 69 remember the timing for And There
• Bar 74 no breathing! =(

Both Sopranos:
• No breathing in the first 8 bars
• Breathe only at the commas and full stops unless you were told NOT to.
• Cut away the ses and sts.
• Support!
• In Elysian plain, feel alone.
• And there with joy, feel as though the whole world has stopped. Time has frozen and the only thing that exists is grief/ sadness and sorrow.
• The U tongue shape
• Don’t rush! It’s a slow, sad, painful… etc, song!
• 1st time, its louder than 2nd. Repeat is quieter

Profound sorrow, grief, and heartache – these are the primary emotions of the song. Slow moving greys, deep dark greens, and the deepest blues. The colours of the sea. You stand at a cliff, waiting and waiting, but nothing will ever, ever, come back to you.

To get into the feel of the song, listen to this:

The song is titled Sadness and Sorrow

… and don’t you dare tell me Sasuke is gay.

Alright! 2 more days!! SLEEP EARLY PEOPLE! I should follow this order more strictly myself. Can’t afford to get sick so, LOADS of WATER! Less/No chili, curry, laksa, tom yum... you get the idea. Start packing NOW! Don’t wait! Lest you panic later. D: BRING YOUR SCORES! I’ll come up with a way to fine you guys if you don’t. Alright! See you all on Monday and PLEASE BE ON TIME! You wouldn’t want to be left behind in Singapore right?


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